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Burlesque Classes  by Burlesque Baby

Est: 2006
We have taught over 10000 women our fun burlesque experiences and classes since 2006. From the Girl next door, to Royalty, TV stars and so much more. We have been featured in a ton of magazines and TV.

Private 1-1 or group Burlesque dance classes – Via ZOOM

Our Burlesque classes are via ZOOM and we have teachers that can teach any time zone. 

Classes are 1 -1  classes and private via zoom and not recorded on either end


Classes are Taught by Professional Burlesque teachers
We have taught Some of the Burlesque Elite who have performed all over the world  and won countless competitions.
We have also taught ladies who are survivors who want to build confidence, or dance for fun or maybe put together a little show for someone special.
Also there does not have  to be a reason to learn  burlesque  – tick that box – Why not ?
150 for a 1 hour lesson via zoom 
400 for 4 x 1 hour lessons via zoom – must be
used within 30 days of the 1st  class and paid up front

    • Private striptease

    • Burlesque for confidence 
    • Burlesque for a partner
    • Burlesque for survivors
    • Burlesque for Newly weds
    • Burlesque to feel  sexy and feminine
    • Burlesque for fun
    • Burlesque for beginners
    • Burlesque for Aspiring or Established performers
    • Burlesque for the girl next door
    • Fan dancing

    • Burlesque back to basics

    • Lap dancing

    • Choreography basic

    • Prop Work

    • How to create an erotic striptease routine

    • Striptease Floor work

    • Tease and Peel classes

    • 1-1  online live – refine your choreography

    • 1-1  online live – Burlesque for Business

    • Business Contracts

    • How to write a press release

    • Your image course – 1-1