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Burlesque baby Premier burlesque classes in London

Burlesque baby Premier burlesque classes in London.  Since 2005 we really have been the NO 1 spot to go to learn the Art of Burlesque, elite burlesque classes for every woman.

We have such a broad scale of women that come to our dance classes in London. Our dance classes in Burlesque are based in Covent Garden.

If you don’t know anything about burlesque, then burlesque lessons can be intimidating, however once you arrive you realize that literally everyone has that same sense and then there is a comfortable realization that everyone feels the same way and no matter your background everyone wants to feel the same and learn the same stuff.

Of course some ladies are concerned about body size and it really doesn’t matter, everyone no matter size feels the same way and no one judges anyone on this, so never let this stop you doing our burlesque classes thats for sure .

I love the fact I have had women come to our covent garden burlesque classes not sure if they can go past the 1st class and suddenly finding themselves wanting to do all the stages, why because they feel so wonderful.

I have to point out too that this is super inter racial so anyone thinking this a specific genre, think again, we welcome everyone and want you to incorporate yourself and your culture into your burlesque. This class is a chance to express yourself with a group of fun loving women  who have the same dreams of expression like you.

One thing that always blown me away is the incredible friendships that have developed from coming to burlesque baby and many years later are still friends and even putting on shows together.

Literally Burlesque Baby can be what ever you wish this to be, let the burlesque classes embrace your inner femininity.

burlesque class London – stage 1

burlesque class London