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Book a Hen party with us and we can give your Bride an

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Learn the fantastic dance that is lindy hop dance


We only have the best Swing dance instructors, who are hot on the scene right now


You will learn some great simple lindy hop steps to the soft sounds of uplifing Jazzy uplifting music.


The dance of Swing  is a great partner dance you can dance with men and women

and is so enticing  you may just want to join our classes after this exciting class.


Perfect for hen nights and the girls can take these

cool steps and dance the night away.

Swing Dance Workshop

SWING DANCING  Hen party experience

Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Learn the fantastic dance that is lindy hop

Swing Dance Workshop

swing sample dance video

Hen Party Ideas

Hen Party Ideas

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Swing Dance Workshop - Hen Party Ideas

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