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£45 per person

Our Locations

Our Locations




Jubilee hall clubs

30 the Piazza

Jubilee hall


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What to Wear

What to Wear



Burlesque Classes

Burlesque Classes

Burlesque for Beginners

Femme Fatale - Beginners Burlesque classes - Stage 1




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Fitness  First

6 Bedford  street

London WC2E 9HZ

Femme Fatale

Beginners Burlesque Classes



Since 2005

Stage 2

Femme Fatale - Beginners Burlesque classes - Stage 2 Femme Fatale - Burlesque Show Class - Stage 3




Stage 1

Gloves, Hold up stockings & shirt to peel and tassels week 4

Wear skirt or dress and any heels


Stage 2

Bring all the above and also a Track of music you would like to perform too on audio cd or mp3.

Bring in any costume & props you would like to play with


Stage 3

Bring in show costumes pieces and music and props you would like to use in a show






1)  Please note - classes are non refundable upon booking

2) Class dates may be changed by you up to 48 hours before.

3) Casses may note be sold on

4) When booking stage 3 you must choose the show booked with those matching classes

5) Your are responsible for your own health in the classes - if you have any physically didabilities or

sickness you must let burlesque baby know upon booking if this may affect you in class


6) We dont allow anyone in the class who has been drinking

7) Rude or threatening behaviour will result in you being asked to leave and not come back

8) Stage 3  if you are doing the show, please note the condition is we do film the show for our you tube academy

9) We dont allow photography or filming at our classes or shows

10) burlesque baby may change venues at short notice if any venues issure - obvioulsy rare

11 ) you are responsible to look at the class schedule every week in case of any changes to that days class times or venue


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Femme Fatale - Art  of the Tease

Beginners Burlesque

Stage 2

Burlesque Baby stage 2 Burlesque dance classes  va va voom


The fun begins,  create your own stage name funnnnnn. xxx

lets start to create a routine, bring in costume bits and props for fun

and start to create your inner showgirl.


We will revise classic moves and you can bring in a piece of music to play with

Bring out the confidence in you, `no matter your age 18  to 70 ish come in and

be the Sassy Showgirl on stage . xx






6  weeks

     7.35pm to 9.45pm

Fitness First Covent Garden





1 May


12th June  



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50% deposit

Non refundable

Please note balance must be paid before class starts

Pay full amount

50% balance

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